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Why Arbitration Works?

Arbitration is a method of settling disputes privately. So, unlike having to go to the court where the general public are allowed admission to the hearing, arbitration is private. None of the documents shared, or minutes of the meetings are public, which means no reporting by the media on the outcome.

The service is offered at two different levels, which depends mainly on the complexity and value of the dispute. The first level is fast-tracked, usually for disputes that need to be solved quickly, and the other is the regular dispute arbitration service which moves through at normal pace.

Some disputes need to be settled sooner than later, and as professionals, we understand its urgency. Our arbitration service works swiftly and is the perfect alternative to the County Court or having adjudication for the resolution of these types of disputes.

That’s why arbitration is the tool of choice in disputes which involves high-tech companies and contracts that are of the sensitive nature. Furthermore, arbitration ensures that a company’s reputation isn’t tarnished in public debate for making what may be viewed at unpopular decisions.

Arbitration is a formal process, and we as the arbitrators will assign an impartial third party that has a background, and knowledge of the building, construction or engineering industry. Having knowledge and experience allows the arbitrator to work more efficiently in helping resolve the dispute. Plus the decision by the arbitrator is binding for all parties involved.

Arbitration is often seen as the best alternative to dispute resolution because it is a consensual process, where all parties involved have given an arbitrator the authority to resolve their differences. The result is that all parties, in most cases, will be happy with the outcome because it is unbiased and free from third-party interference.

Our Experience & Expertise

Now unlike some other services, our arbitrators have building industry experience, but we also have professionals with additional experience of other industries.

For instance, some of our arbitrators are surveyors; others are architects and engineers. That said every member of the panel is strictly assessed and is closely monitored to ensure that our processes are followed strictly, and conclusions are reached in a timely manner.

The service is designed to allow for disputes in the construction industry to be referred to the top decision-makers, each one of whom are some of the most seasoned veterans. Our team has a lot of experience dealing with a myriad of construction and engineering related disputes. The panel of building arbitrators  are qualified and have a great deal of knowledge about the building industry.

We appoint arbitrators after having discussed matters with both parties. When two or more parties are not able to agree on who the arbitrator should be, we assure everyone that the ones we appoint will have the required skills, experience and knowledge to ensure a viable settlement for both parties.

Building Arbitration Service

Our building arbitration service is designed to help settle engineering and construction disputes.

The building arbitration service is backed by excellent customer service, to ensure that the expectations of all parties involved are met in terms of user experience, quality and overall standards.

The validity of the Arbitration Agreement

When a claimant starts by kicking off proceedings in the UK, and then the defendant goes ahead and applies for a stay for arbitration, there could be occasions when there are issues which arise between all parties involved. That’s where a valid arbitration agreement comes into play. Now there are two varying types of jurisdiction.
The first of the jurisdictions decide any claims on the merits of those claims. The second is the jurisdiction to conclude if the tribunal or a court has the required jurisdiction. According to English law, an arbitral tribunal can rule upon its jurisdiction.

Leading Provider of the Best Building Arbitration Services

We have been providing building arbitration for a very long time. Our arbitrators are recognized as being the best in the business with hundreds of dispute resolutions under their belts. Furthermore, our goal when it comes to settling disputes between parties is to find a solution that works best for everyone. Sure, some decisions can be unpopular, but at the end of the day, it is for the benefit of everyone involved.
We take many steps to ensure that all parties and their points of view are taken into consideration. Our arbitrators will speak to each party and get their stance in writing. Then schedule a round of discussions, after which a decision can be reached.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

That’s right we have an excellent reputation for settling disputes of all types. We know from experience that the key to settling any dispute is to have an in-depth understanding of the problem. We put in the work to ensure that our arbitrators understand the issue and dispute from all angles before a decision is reached. So, you can always be assured of a fair outcome.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Don’t let building, construction and engineering disputes put a damper on your project. The best way to get them resolved is to call us. We will be more than happy to provide you with the required information about our arbitration service and get things started right away. Our advice to anyone who is trying to navigate a dispute is to get professional arbitrators onboard at the first sign of friction. Bringing us on board will ensure that the issue is resolved before it goes any further potentially tarnishing the reputation of all parties involved.

Need a formal, quick cost effective solution to your on going dispute?

Mediation 4 builders has dynamics, timetable, structure that “ordinary” negotiations do not have. The process is confidential, private and enforced by law.

Fast Tracking Arbitration

All parties involved may agree to use the service even if the contracts don’t specify a clause for arbitration. An ad-hoc arbitration agreement can be used for times when arbitration isn’t specified in the contract.

The contract allows for a detailed examination of the problem and then strives to ensure a more viable outcome along with a binding decision as compared to many County Court judgements.

Many businesses find that arbitration is the best alternative to litigation, especially for resolving building and construction-related disputes. Our arbitration process is streamlined, easy to follow, and all parties will agree is a fair one.

Arbitration requires that all parties agree on hiring a dispute resolution service like ours. Our arbitration process has a panel of arbitrators or in some cases a single arbitrator who will adjudicate the dispute and negotiations, instead of having judges in the public court system pass a judgement. That said, using the public court system does have its perks. Verdicts by public courts can be enforced, and the winning party can use the full force of the law to compel the other side. 

However, court proceedings are rarely private, so businesses that want confidentiality may probably hesitate to use the public court system. Plus going through the public court system has become more expensive over the years, especially if the case is being heard in a city like London.

However, arbitration isn’t just the only alternative to formal court proceedings. A few others include evaluation, mediation and adjudication. Though unlike arbitration, these aren’t binding methods and could lead to court proceedings if one party does not like the outcome or later changes their minds.

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