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Mediation 4 Builders is a team of specialists that are seasoned in resolving issues that arise out of construction work. They serve homeowners and builders all over England and have many years of experience.

Mediation for home owners and builders is mostly conducted in cases where the negotiations between both parties fail. It entails skilled intercession of a professional intermediary to help resolve the dispute.

Regardless of the amount of capital invested during a construction, building disputes are time-consuming, expensive and stressful. National mediation services, therefore, come in handy during such a time. Note that mediation is better compared to litigation in terms of time taken, cost, formality, and simplicity.

Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) is a procedure taken to resolve construction disputes without taking the matter to the court. It sets standards that both parties have to observe before going to the court.

First of all, you are supposed to notify the builder (defendant) about your claims (this is called The Letter of Claim). Within two weeks, the defendant should acknowledge receiving the letter and respond to the claims. Defendant can object the claims in writing.

A Pre-Action Meeting is held. Its aim is to help both the parties discuss their issues without going to the court. Both parties should attend the meeting; a third party such as Mediation 4 Builders can also attend.

Yes, although mediation is the most advisable building disputes resolution means there are others such as adjudication, expert determination, arbitration, and litigation.

We deal with issues such as building and planning permits, time issues and project completion, disputes on materials, and other additional work.

Instead of dragging the issue to the court, make the best choice and seek Mediation 4 Builders intervention. We will help both parties reconcile on time; the project will not stall.

That is a common contract dispute; to resolve it, contact our readily available team of experts, we have the expertise and sufficient construction contracts knowledge to help you out.

Our services are pocket friendly; you can hire our services from as low as £99.00.
Like most construction mediators, we charge per hour; the whole process takes 1-2 days.

At Mediation 4 Builders, you will be served with affordable and fast appointments. We are among the most reputable firms that offer high-success rate national services in the market for several years.

Visit our website, fill a form with your name, post code, telephone number and message; send it to us. We will get back to you on time and arrange a meeting. Alternatively, contact us at 03300 100 389

Yes, mediation for builders covers most parts of England.

We are available in these locations:

  • Bedfordshire,
  • Cambridgeshire,
  • Buckinghamshire,
  • Leicestershire,
  • East Sussex,
  • Nottinghamshire,
  • Northamptonshire,
  • Cheshire,
  • Bristol,
  • Dorset,
  • Derbyshire,
  • East Sussex,
  • Durham,
  • Essex,
  • London,
  • Hampshire,
  • Manchester,
  • Gloucestershire,
  • Kent,
  • Leicestershire,
  • Lancashire,
  • Hertfordshire,
  • Lincolnshire,
  • Oxfordshire,
  • Norfolk,
  • Merseyside,
  • Rutland,
  • Somerset,
  • Shropshire,
  • South Yorkshire,
  • Tyne & Wear,
  • Surrey, Suffolk,
  • Staffordshire,
  • West Midlands,
  • Warwickshire,
  • West Yorkshire,
  • West Sussex,
  • Worcestershire,
  • and Wiltshire.

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