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Do you have some building work at home and the builder has not completed the work?

There can be many situations that lead to a building job not being completed. Examples like disputes between the homeowner and the builders, the building company stop trading or due to cash flow challenges etc.

If you are planning to build a house, there must be planning permission from the local authority before you commence with the construction. It is the requirement of the law that you need both the planning and building permission. The domestic client has no duties under the latest construction regulation, those working for the project are the ones supposed to acquire this permission. Here the builder is held responsible for breaking this regulation.

Before the start of a contract, parties come down to a common time frame when the project will commence and when it is supposed to complete. The builder should incur the penalties for having failed to meet the agreed completion date. The homeowner, on the other hand, should also understand that the time set might have been affected slightly by some factors, for instance, scarcity of materials. Here the builder needs a genuine explanation as to why they did not meet the time set. Negotiations should stage by the builder to the homeowner to seeking for additional time. Otherwise, if the reasons are not genuine the builder should be held accountable.

It should be understood that when some work is going on properties are prone to wear and tear. Some are a case of accidental damage while others are the issue of irresponsibility. Therefore, the homeowner should access the damage first, if it is through negligence or irresponsibility then the builder should bear the loss and compensate the owner. If it is a case of wear and tear or accidental then the homeowner should understand that it was unintentional therefore baring the loss. The homeowner should not penalise the builder.


Have you used what you believe is the right materials and the customer has changed their mind and work has stopped?

Building construction disputes have a tendency to pick up a bad temper quickly. It is advisable to seek mediation. In most cases, the parties involved often will want to prove themselves right by every means and deny responsibility. But there is another option Mediation4Builders

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Before the construction starts, the builder gives specifications. This should be in a written form due to future reference and accountability. If the builder does the job wrongly in reference to the specification, then the builder should is to be held accountable for not following instructions and any cost thereof the builder should incur.

The homeowner has poured their little fortune into the construction of a house. They have every single right to get the best output depending on his taste and preference. They expect his work completed to a top-notch standard on the set period and by the cheapest means possible. On the other hand, a builder has to meet all their responsibility, incur the necessary costs and also to give the best of the best by the use of the best. The builder needs to satisfy the homeowner. However, nothing of good quality comes cheap. They must use the best material, which is obviously expensive. Every party is convinced they are right and no one will agree to settle for less. These two parties should seek consultation on cost issue or negotiate to a common ground.

Before allocating a contract, the builder, and the homeowner discuss the specifications of the material to be used. This is usually a part of the contract and should be in written form to help serve as evidence. If the builder uses the wrong materials or the unspecified ones, then the builder should take total responsibility for this is a form of fraud.

How can Mediation help?

Those participating in mediation 4 Builders  are encouraged to do it actively. Mediation is a party-centred process; it’s focused primarily on the parties needs, interests and rights.

Additional Work

It is the responsibility of those handling the construction should make sure they carry out every single piece of work that falls within the contract. Additional work is supposed to be settled differently away from the contract on for this was not as per the terms agreed on. The homeowner should, therefore, pay for any extra work that is outside the contact.There are procedures to follow if you are not satisfied with the builder. If this happens, then the builder has the right to the homeowner.

Job Not Completed

When a job is not completed, it is important to find out why the builder walked out of the contract. Whatever the reason staged by the builder, the homeowner should be aware of this is a form of unprofessionalism. There is the procedure to follow before pausing a job. If the builder did not follow, the procedure to inform the owner penalty should be imposed on the builder. Additionally, the homeowner should not kick out the builder informally. Call Us Today to see how we can help

Additional Cost

Additionally the cost that fall outside the contract, should be tabled and addressed by both the homeowner and the builder through negotiations. Both have divided responsibility on the issue. The builder should explain how these extra costs have come about. If it is a case impulse budgeting and misappropriating of funds the builder should incur the cost.

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