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Why Mediation Could Be Right For you?

Building Mediation That Does Not Break the Bank

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In our experience, financial issues are some of the most common in the construction industry. Many times these disputes have caused a situation where both parties have lost something or stand to lose something. However, because of the money involved, these disputes need to be effectively resolved ASAP.

Mediation in our experience is one of the most effective and lower-priced solutions as compared to going to court. Furthermore, mediation helps to resolve disputes faster, saving all parties involved time and consequently, resources.

If anything, the savings our building mediation offers in the way of time and money can be channelled back into the construction project.

Project Mediation for Ongoing Building Projects

In most cases all parties involved in any building project, want the issue to be resolved as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Interruptions can end up costing money, and that’s why a swift resolution is imperative.
Our expert mediation solutions work to ensure that issues that arise don’t escalate any further. 

Our project mediation has a mediator who knows the construction industry and understands the construction project enough to provide resolution points and advice if a dispute arises.

The building and construction industry is where some of the biggest financial contracts are signed along with work agreements running into millions of pounds. The fact that there is so much money involved makes them a veritable breeding ground for disputes. Disputes can arise between different parties like employers, personal advisors, civil engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors.

If these disputes are not resolved in a timely and professional manner, they can lead to a myriad of issues later on. At Mediation4Builders we specialize in resolving disputes in the shortest time, efficiently and variably for all parties.

Whether you are a homeowner in dispute with your contractor, or a contractor in dispute with a sub-contractor, we work to ensure that the issue is resolved ASAP.

Professional Building Mediation Services

As professional mediators, we are often asked to help resolve many different types of disputes from building contractors for homes to building projects that cost several million dollars at least.

Plus we work to resolve both public sector and private sector disputes, involving PPS and PFIs.

Our building mediation services include but may not be limited to the following services:

Why Mediation is the Best Route for Building and Construction Disputes?

Traditionally, arbitration and litigation have been used as a way to find a resolution to building-related disputes.

However, these methods of dispute resolution while effective are time-consuming and have limitations.

That’s why mediation services are becoming increasingly popular and continue to play a significant role in providing structured mediation, especially for commercial projects where millions are involved. Negotiation is the key to resolving all disputes, but it needs to be mediated by a professional.

Building disputes can be especially damaging, especially because the relationship between each team member is tarnished. However, these projects require that all stakeholders and team members are on the same page. Mediation helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that assures a speedy resolution at a price that lower than most other alternatives.

Unable to move forward on a project and loosing money? Let us help you today!

Mediation 4 builders has dynamics, timetable, structure that “ordinary” negotiations do not have. The process is confidential, private and enforced by law.

Why Choose Us?

We have some of the most experienced and professional meditators in the construction industry.

Our swift and effective service can help resolve most disputes in the shortest time possible.

Our team of mediators have a lot of experience, and some specialize in certain types of building disputes. Furthermore, all our mediators have experience in the building industry, so they know exactly what is involved.

We strongly advise that all stakeholders in any dispute seek our mediation services as the first step to getting it resolved. Not only does it minimize the impact caused by it, but it will also reduce if not eliminate the risk of future disputes.

Our specialist team works tirelessly to ensure that the dispute is settled before anyone ever thinks of escalating it to the court system.

How the Building Mediation Process Works?

Our building mediation process is pretty straight forward. We allow parties to choose a mediator, or we can choose one for them. The parties also get to decide how the costs are divided, which assures us that payments will be handled in a timely manner.

Once mediation is arranged, the mediator will get in touch with the parties involved to get their perspective on the dispute. Also, help find out how they see the dispute as being settled. If anything, it helps give us a baseline reading of the dispute from which we can build.

A mediation information sheet is then sent to all parties, and with that is an agreement to mediate.

All parties are required to write a few pages describing their situation. The position statement is mainly their point of view on the dispute.

Later all parties need to agree to a date, time and venue where everyone can meet up for mediation.

Sometimes disputes can be handled in a single session; other times, it can take multiple rounds. Either way, our team works swiftly to ensure that the dispute is resolved in the shortest time.

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What Happens if an Agreement is Reached?

Most cases we mediate often result in a resolution of the dispute. However, the agreement is kept confidential. We ensure the utmost confidentiality with any agreement.

We always hear both sides of the story and find the best middle ground. Once there is an agreement, it is set in writing. Furthermore, our mediation relieves all parties from the stress, expense and often rigmarole involved in the court process.

That’s why we stress that the court process is often the last resort for us.

A One Window Building Mediation Service

Building mediation, builder disputes and various other disputes can become extremely complex. Not to mention that they become expensive and stressful. When an original agreement, either written or oral, isn’t abides by, or amendments or changes need to be made, things can get tricky. In most cases, it is miscommunication or lack of it.

Delays can lead to a demand for a refund or the need for more money. Either way, it can become a mess if not handled in time.

Fortunately, we have your back. Our building mediation service is just a call away. We are seasoned mediators and can handle all types of building disputes. Call us today to make an appointment so that we can discuss what you need and set up the first round of negotiations.