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Mediation4Builders can help resolve these issues for both builders and homeowners without costly litigation or court.

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Has your builder delivered a job with no planning or building regulation permission?

After talking things through, you should see if you can come to a mutual agreement about the situation and the best ways to proceed. Perhaps this will be putting a hold on the building work until permission is granted. Or it may be that someone needs to reapply or appeal a decision. Either way, look for solutions and see what you can both agree on.

If the contract does not mention much about planning permission, or perhaps you are having trouble communicating with the other party, then you may want to seek the help of a mediator.

A construction specialist mediator is a well-trained individual whose main job is to attempt to bring two parties together in a resolution.

They have the skills to calmly and quickly find the best solution.

Although meditation will cost you, it will be sure to save you time and money and a lot of hassle too.


If a homeowner has not got planning or building regulations which has impacted a job?

Large building projects , such as extensions, will often require special planning permission for the go-ahead. Depending on what area you reside in, this can often be a rather lengthy and frustrating process. Your project manager should be able to give you some help and advice on how to proceed with things.

However, in some instances, you come across issues with planning permission, be it delays, lost cases or even being denied planning once the construction has started. Not only will this put a spanner in the works on your building project, but it can also leave you in a tough spot with the builders. The same applies if you are the project manager or a builder and the homeowner has failed to get the necessary permission from the local council.

If you find yourself in a position of being stuck in a planning and building permission dispute, there are several things that you can do in order to resolve and rectify the issue. Read on to find out some of the options that are available to you with Mediation 4 Builders.

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The first step is to get all of the contract and documents relating to the project at hand. You will want to sift through these and see what clauses were built in. What does it say about building permission? Who is at fault if the building permit is not grated. A good contract will state whose responsibility it is to apply for the building work. By first going over the contracts with a fine tooth comb, you can know exactly where you stand and how to proceed. For larger projects, you may even want to hire the help of a knowledgeable property lawyer who may be able to spot things that you might have missed.

Once armed with your knowledge of the contracts, you should start to communicate with the other party. If you’re a homeowner and you think the project manager is to blame, then clearly state your case to them. Tell them what you found in the contract and how you think the issue should be resolved by them. On the other hand, if your the project manager, and you feel like the homeowner should have been responsible for the planning permission, then point out the area in the contract that backs up your case.

Planning & Building Regulations Dispute?

Mediation 4 builders has dynamics, timetable, structure that “ordinary” negotiations do not have. The process is confidential, private and enforced by law.

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