Resolving Building Disputes

Mediation4Builders can help resolve these issues for both builders and homeowners without costly litigation or court. Contact us today

Resolving Building Disputes

Mediation4Builders can help resolve these issues for both builders and homeowners without costly litigation or court. Contact us today

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Has the builder walked off site?

Are you left with a job half finished?

Were materials used not what was first quoted?

Disputes can arise during or after construction, leading to the customer withholding payment, demanding reimbursement, or insisting on rectification of poor workmanship.

Conflicts and differences can be resolved through mediation, which is a cooperative process. Mediation is an alternative to adjudication, arbitration, and court proceedings: Usually within four weeks of the parties agreeing to mediate, cases are resolved.

Who is responsible for paying for the mediation service? It is customary for all parties involved in a dispute to foot the bill for mediation services on an equal basis. One party may pay the entire mediation fee if the other parties refuse to or are unable to do so. This is extremely rare, but it has happened before.

Mediation is often the next step in the process if negotiations fail. As a neutral mediator, the mediator will examine the facts of the case and work with you and your builder to find a mutually agreeable resolution. This is typically faster and less expensive than pursuing a case through the courts.

Arbitration may be appropriate in some cases, where an arbitrator is appointed to hear evidence before making an arbitration award. Both parties are legally bound by the outcome of the decision. When a decision can only be made by agreement of both parties, mediation is not an option. In mediation, a decision can only be made legally binding if it is submitted to the court for sealing in the form of an agreement order.


There is a direct impact on your company’s cash flow and productivity when a dispute of this nature arises. Even if the situation is handled correctly and quickly resolved, the risks to your business could be far greater. The costs of bringing or defending a lawsuit, as well as the potential damage to your reputation, are among these risks.


If you are dealing with a homeowner, you should seek legal advice before taking any action to ensure that any steps you are proposing are permitted by your contract or terms and conditions, and are in accordance with consumer rights legislation. According to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, it may be necessary for you to adhere to a specific protocol. Before you can file a claim, you may have to go through adjudication or mediation as well.

Legal services in England and Wales are changing, and we believe our service is the most cost-effective method for construction subcontractors to obtain them.

Our clients benefit from having agreed upon legal fees by:

  • Set aside money for legal fees.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help with contracts and other legal matters without worrying about the costs.
  • If the proceedings would have been prohibitively expensive to participate in otherwise, take or defend them.
  • We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.
Has your home been damaged and you need help?

Mediation 4 builders has dynamics, timetable, structure that “ordinary” negotiations do not have. The process is confidential, private and enforced by law.

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