Three Strong Reasons Why Contractors Should Mediate Their Disputes

There are many reasons why any contractors should look at mediating their disputes with their clients and it depends very much on the different variables concerned, but here are just three general reasons.

Here are three reasons:

1. It can cut the overall costs of the whole enterprise and in turn save time.
2. It is a cheaper option than using a solicitor.
3. It is a good way to help save the relationship and help your reputation.

Starting with cutting the overall costs, there needs to be a way to make sure that the conflict is fixed quickly which will save you money; after all, time is money. Through the efficient use of mediation, you can obtain the money you might be owed after a solution is owed. On the other hand, if someone is after you for a specific payment mediation is a good way to argue your corner and help reduce the money you may be owed.
Having someone trained to decide which party is in the right and what the solution does seem the best solution to most problems. An unmediated dispute may turn ugly pretty quickly which is not a good idea to your business or to even your family and friends. To find out more on Contract Disputes click here!

As for obtaining a solicitor, this can be an expensive way to get a dispute, though some people may qualify for legal aid, especially if it concerns charitable enterprises. However, if you don’t qualify for these it can easily get expensive if you dealing for a number of similar disputes at the same time, you are charged for the amount of time you use a solicitor and even will need to pay to phone or email a solicitor. The numbers will soon add up and your business might pay the price after a long drawn out case which you find you can’t walk away from.
Because of the expense, many people are reluctant to look at using a solicitor’s services and will only do so as a last resort, in the UK in particular. However, it is a good idea to have someone looking at your side in the matter.

Mediation is a good way to fix a relationship that has gone wrong and try to save face. It can solve the problem before it escalates too far in many instances. The mediator can also look at areas where a new problem may come up in the future and nip it in the bud. By using mediators you strengthen your business relationships and as a result your reputation. No one wants to use a business service which keeps arguing with clients non-stop. But then again, no service wants to be ripped off, it’s all about balancing the objectives of each side.
Can you work with a company again after settling a dispute? Sometimes; as usual it depends on the dispute. It may not be in a company’s interest to work with the contractor again but it should be looked at on a case by case basis. Click here to check out FAQ to find out more about why mediation is a good way to fix a relationship between a contractor.

Not all disputes will need mediation after all not all contractors are the same. It is always advisable to look for a third party when a solution isn’t immediately obvious and will make sure that things are as pain-free and any conflict is dealt with quickly and not create harm for your business. That is the best you can wish for with the relationship with your contractors.

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